Please join the February campaign, XOXO The Tuckahoe, and contribute to the Building Fund!

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Each time we enter 4215 Dover Road, we actively engage in a mission established over 85 years ago. The dynamic force of TTWC founders laid the cornerstone to our beautiful building in May 1954, hosting a grand opening the following December. As our impressive building and grounds near almost 70 years of age, we are reminded of the numerous events that have occurred from programs, coffee hours, luncheons and dinners, to special events, cotillions, weddings and philanthropic endeavors. In essence, TTWC building is vital to our mission and its care remains our responsibility. As you reflect on how you have benefitted from your membership in TTWC, the Building Fundraising Committee encourages your consideration of a direct contribution to building improvements.

XOXO The Tuckahoe

XOXO The Tuckahoe


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