Oct. 5

Melissa Gilbert

More Than Little House

Oct. 12

Helen Ellis

Don’t Let the Pearls Fool You

Oct. 19

Sam Sifton

Stories of Food, Family, and the New York Times

Oct. 26

DeeDee Dalrymple

Fall Luncheon

Effortless Entertaining

Nov. 2

Adrian Wood

Tales of an Educated Debutante

Nov. 9

Nancy Foy

Dyslexia – A Disability or an Advantage

Nov. 16

Catherine Grace Katz

Daughters of Yalta

Nov. 30

Good Shot Judy

Make Your Holiday Bouncy and Bright

Jan. 4

Brian Quigley

Not Your Roommate’s Marijuana

Jan. 11

Liz Caan

Modern Classic Decorating

Jan. 18

Kathi Lynn Austen

Hunting International Criminals

Jan. 25

Kristen Green

The Devil’s Half-Acre

Jan. 27

John Heffron

Evening Program

Middle Class Funny

Feb. 1

Ben Dugan

$45 Billion and Counting: Fighting Retail Theft in an Online World

Feb. 8

William Goldstein

Speaking the Language of Music

Feb. 15

Elin Hilderbrand

Romance Everywhere

Feb. 22

Jeremy Bloom

NCAA Athletes: Scholarships, Payments, and Ownership

Mar. 1

Christy Coleman

History in the Future: The Role of Historic Sites

Mar. 8

Dr. Martin Samuels

The Aging Brain

Mar. 15

Sally Bedell Smith

The Marriage That Saved the Monarchy

Mar. 22

Jacob Goldstein and Mary Childs

Planet Money

Mar. 26 - 30

Art Show


Apr. 5

Spring Fashion Show


Apr. 12

Sarah Penner

Spring Luncheon

The Lost Apothecary

Apr. 15 - 22

Historic Garden Week


Apr. 26

Laura Dowling

The White House Florist

May 3

Tiffany Brooks

Decorate Like a Design Star

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